The Triplicate Collection

The Triplicate Collection is all about more space for more people!  The configurations can sleep Three (3) to Thirteen (13) individuals, family members, friends, or colleagues.  Choose from Tre’s Pleasure Suite Series or the Trio Suites  all within the walls of Hattie’s Place, Too! For business let your team of three to six be under one roof with their own 800 square foot suite.  Your suites are complete with private queen bedrooms, entertainment/sleeping parlors, Vintage Baths (some with full goose neck or handheld showers), Full Kitchens in addition access to washers/dryers, wi-fi internet, cable (some with HBO) and much, much more are our staples!

Now when traveling for pleasure with family and friends or maybe coming to the island to work with your Team!   You’ll have The Triplicate  Collection a configuration that offers various options for an all adult group or families/friends. The Vintage Cottage Apartment House is just that, all suites under one roof!

When more space is needed to accommodate an adult group of 3 to 10.  It’s recommended that you visit and view The Works at Hattie’s Place Too!  It’s perfect for those that prefer a private dwelling all to themselves.  Stretch out at Hattie’s Place, Too.  Call us at 832.256.0650, email us: or use the below attached form to reach us with specific questions regarding your home away from home!


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