Inside the Single Suites

Our Place!

Hattie’s Place, Too is a place like no other on the island!  In fact, it is the only B&K (Bed & Kitchen) on the island!  We’ll keep it simple for you.  Inside our place you’ll find 4 individually appointed suites.  So you can choose what you want in your housing.  From just one suite, two, three or go for the Works at Hattie’s Place, Too and rent it all!  


Please follow our links inside Hattie’s Place, Too and get your time in with us! Choose/CLICK NOW from The Vin, Baby Sister’s, DAD’s Den and/or The V&J. To get pricing information on these four offers. Review each listing link and “click” the Book Now buttons. Right now, if you know your group is larger and more space is required. Please visit the Dual Suite Quarters or The Triplicate Collections.  Actually you may now realize it would be best to rent the entire place...the Works at Hattie’s Place, Too  due to the size of your group which is eight (8) to eighteen (18). Simply click on the above Title Links for all the descriptions and get the pricing details! 

At Hattie’s Place, Too our distinction is the quality of everything that makes our place Hattie’s Place, Too!  We ensure that comfort and cleanliness is job one!  Therefore our suites are maintained with care.  From the protection of all of our mattresses with protectors and covers to prevent the transmittal of anything on to our bedding, linens, towels, baths, kitchen and more!  Our place is cleaned between our guest visits, then we have special cleaning once a month to ensure our care in service is at the forefront! We think you’re worth it and believe you’ll feel the same way!

We’ve been in the business for some time now! Hence, everything we do is stepped up! Like the Mini Split Air Conditioning/Heating Systems that are state of the art, unique to anything else similar on the island.  We have fully stocked Kitchens with pots, pans, dishes, glassware, flatware and more.  Microwaves in each suite as well as dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, dining tables, towels, linens, entertainment games (we keep it old school with games), Televisions; some digital cable access with DVD system included.  We don’t short change you on quality and neither should you!  You wanted quality and distinct along with a safe, clean, and centrally located property on the island.

Our Vintage baths are something special; Four distinct Color coded Clawfoot Bath Tubs; All featuring timeless Sign of the Crab Shower Enclosures (the best in Vintage Inspired Bath Fixtures), Brass, Chrome and Porcelain fitted fixtures for that extra touch of something special!  We give you the best in quality that most properties just overlook, especially in a Vintage Circa ’30 Home whereby they elect to compete on price but limit those extra touches that make your experience very unique.  Hence we are not the cheapest. Nor do we want to be!  But we know the value that we offer is worth the extra touches in which we provide to you! Thereby ensuring to you, your family and friends our place is worth your expectations.

Let us Cruise with you too!  Come see the island before the Bon’ voyage!  We can coordinate your Uber, Lyft, Shuttle, Limousine, to the Cruise Terminal too!

Call us at 832.256.0650 or email us: or use our contact form to inquire about your specific needs.


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